I have a weird life. Honestly, nothing has gone the way I expected it to. That’s not a dig on my life, and I’m certainly not complaining, I don’t have much to complain about. It’s just life.

So here I am now, currently holding down two disparate careers, one as an artist, one as a blue collar telecom worker. One were I make money to survive, the other where I put things out into the world and hope that something might come of it. (Can you guess which is which?)

Once upon a time my I thought I needed to keep all of my art separate, everything needed a box, it’s own special drawer. It’s exhausting trying to keep track of everything, trying to figure out where it all fits, I’ve honestly grown tired of it. Can I simply focus on the art part of art? How can I make this as simple as possible?

So this is it, Mr. Uncredible is my newfound dumping ground. Everything I do is me and this is the place it belongs from this day forward, no more compartmentalizing, no more special places for special things. Music, photography, videography, sketch comedy, pancake art (via my good friends at Dancakes), and general musings on whatever pops in my brain. If I do anything of merit, you will see it here… This could get messy.

So, in summation, this is simply the beginning, this is the part where I plant the seed. The good part is watching it grow.

Stay Tuned.